Cheadle Methodist Church 


In April 1962 the trustees of Wesleyan Chapel on Chapel Street, Charles Street ex Primitive Methodist Chapel and Zion United Methodist Church on Coronation Street, voted unanimously for the union of the three chapels.
In 1963 other possible plans and alterations to the Wesleyan Chapel on Chapel Street and the proposal
for a new church were discussed and debated. A year later, architects presented the plans for the
creation of a new church on the Wesleyan site

The Wesleyan Chapel 

It has been reported that the money for the creation of the new church had been raised from Sales of Properties, Barratt Trust, Rank Trust, Chapel Department and interest from Manchester. Locally, funds
for the church were also raised through socials, garden parties and Church Fund boxes. This meant that the church opened without debt, which opened on the 26th August 1967. The church signifies the
union of the three Methodist churches.

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